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There is a way to do this with a home equity loan, but it is something that is not recommended.

Generally speaking, you will have about 9 months of nonpayment before a debt goes to a collection agency.

It would be wise to pay off your credit card with the highest APR first. These debts will cost you more money as time passes.

Your tax filings must be current and you cannot be in the middle of a bankruptcy proceeding while you are trying to settle tax debt.

Very few things will stop the IRS from continuing to charge interest on your unpaid taxes.

This is not ideal. You can begin the process by downloading the IRS 656 Booklet. The forms are long and complicated and if they are filed incorrectly, they will be rejected.

This is a set of forms you can fill out to try and have your tax debt reduced. To be successful you must show the IRS that a reduced amount is the maximum they would ever receive.

Before you get caught up in an overload of medical debt it is important to check all of the details of your bill to make sure everything is correct. Often times, there can be errors on a bill that can make it seem like you owe more than you actually do.

Through a debt negotiator, like us, you may be able to lower your outstanding balance and waive off a percentage of the amount owing.

Not really. Although if you are in medical distress due to an illness, medical debt can add extra stress to your life. Seeking the advice of a professional debt negotiator can help alleviate your medical debt as quickly as possible.

Debt relief, sometimes called debt settlement or debt resolution, allows you to resolve your unsecured debt by negotiating with creditors and reducing the amount of money you currently owe.

The expertise of a company that helps with debt relief can be an invaluable tool to get your debt resolved quickly and correctly.

During the relief process, you usually stop paying your creditors and begin saving money in a special account that will be used to help settle your current debt

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